About Us


Triad Medical Training was born on February 14th, 2018 as a direct result of the school massacre at MSD in Parkland, Florida. We wanted to bring tactical medicine to the civilian population and since then, we've made it our mission to train and equip the public.

We specialize in Active Killer response, TCCC/TECC, K9 TECC, firearms instruction. Our mission is bringing good medicine to bad places.

Winning the fight isn't good enough...we must survive it!

Lead Instructor & CEO of Triad Medical Training:
Mathew Robert Casey

Background: Retired LEO and SWAT medic. U.S. Navy veteran (FMF Corpsman) with deployments to Iraq.

During my time as a Police Officer, Firearms instructor & First Aid instructor and assigned to multiple units:
- Marine Patrol
- High Liability instructor at the police academy.